Business Objectives

  1. Saarbrücken Airport GmbH is a market- and customer-oriented company. It develops and operates Saarbrücken Airport, making an attractive and important contribution to the regional and transregional infrastructure.

  2. In cooperation with the rail and road infrastructure, we also develop the connections to other economic centers within Germany and Europe. The further development of passenger and cargo flight connections follow the current market demands.

  3. The company aims at an economic, safe, and technically optimized operation with a quality of services that meets the requirements of its customers and environment.

  4. Our core business comprises aviation, ground handling, center management and real estate management.

  5. The essential criterion for defining our key business activities is their contribution to the added value. Investments are based on market and customer demands and aim at an appropriate and stable rate of return.

  6. Our environmental management enables us to avoid any negative impacts on our environment and to reduce environmental damage. The use of modern environmentally compatible equipment and facilities is supported. A sustainable environmental policy is one of the factors of success of the airport.

  7. The company supports the initiative and motivation of its staff members as well as their identification with the company and its business objectives. Safe and meaningful jobs are essential.

  8. As a place of work, employer and contractor, the airport creates and safeguards jobs in the region and therefore has multiplier effects on safe incomes and employment.

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