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Car parking spaces cannot be reserved in advance. The total number of parking spaces at Saarbrücken Airport is sufficient. The number of open parking spaces is indicated on an electronic board at the airport’s access road.

All parking areas at a glance:

Car park:Capacity920 spaces
Parking area P1:Capacity300 spaces
Parking area P3 (April-October):Capacity600 spaces
Short-term parking:Capacity100 spaces

Location map

Max. Headroom 2,10m

All parking spaces are in a walking distance of 3 minutes from the terminal.

Disabled parking
There are 10 parking spaces designated for persons with reduced mobility on level 2 of the car park, additional spaces are available at parking area P1 (to be verified by disability card).

Women´s parking spaces
There are 16 parking spaces designated for women on level 2.

Parking fees for periods longer than 24 hours are charged on a daily basis, i.e. an additional day will be charged once 24 hours are exceeded.

Parking duration P1 P3* Car park
1 Hour2,00 Euro2,00 Euro2,00 Euro
2 Hours4,00 Euro4,00 Euro4,00 Euro
3 Hours6,00 Euro6,00 Euro6,00 Euro
4 Hours8,00 Euro8,00 Euro8,00 Euro
5 Hours10,00 Euro10,00 Euro10,00 Euro
6 Hours12,00 Euro12,00 Euro12,00 Euro
7 Hours14,00 Euro14,00 Euro15,00 Euro
8 Hours16,00 Euro16,00 Euro18,00 Euro
1 Day16,00 Euro16,00 Euro18,00 Euro
2 Days32,00 Euro30,00 Euro36,00 Euro
3 Days44,00 Euro42,00 Euro52,00 Euro
4 Days52,00 Euro49,00 Euro60,00 Euro
5 Days56,00 Euro49,00 Euro66,00 Euro
6 Days56,00 Euro49,00 Euro66,00 Euro
1 Week56,00 Euro49,00 Euro66,00 Euro
Every other day6,00 Euro6,00 Euro7,00 Euro
Every other week42,00 Euro42,00 Euro49,00 Euro
10 Days74,00 Euro67,00 Euro87,00 Euro
14 Days98,00 Euro91,00 Euro115,00 Euro
Annual parking ticket429 Euro 500 Euro


Automatic pay stations

Automatic pay stations are located at the terminal entrance for arrivals, on Level 2 of the car park and on parking area P1. Coins, banknotes up to 50 euros, as well as EC cards, VISA and MasterCard are accepted.


General terms of use applying to the parking areas

Rechter Inhaltsbereich

Late Night Check-In:
Free parking from 6 pm – 8 pm on short-term parking areas

Short-term parking:
From 8 am -11 pm on designated areas

Maximum parking time: 3 hours

For further information please contact our staff at the information desk.
Tel.: +49 6893 83-0

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