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Since the seventies, air pollution has been analyzed on a regular basis at airports and in their environment. At several commercial airports in Germany, there are measurement stations that are permanently installed and provide information about the air pollution level.

At Saarbrücken, air quality is controlled on a regular basis. In addition to the common air pollutants, other trace gases and particles can also be measured. All previous analyses have shown that the air pollution level at Saarbrücken Airport as well as at other airports is much lower than the air pollution level in the neighboring city areas and mainly corresponds to the situation in the surrounding countryside.

For more information about the environmental guidelines of German commercial airports, see: Guidelines of the German commercial airports (PDF)

For some time now, Saarbrücken Airport has been recompensing airlines operating modern and silent aircrafts in contrast to older and noisier aircrafts with higher fuel consumption by granting them an airport charge reduction.

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