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We are happy to help! There are several ways by which you can indicate your loss. 

Course of action

If you have lost an item at the airport, please proceed with the following steps:

  • Check the airport’s website to see if the item has been found and registered on the found items list “Fundsachen
  • Contact the staff at the information desk in the terminal personally, by phone +49 6893 83 286 or via email lostfound(at)
  • Give a detailed description of the item
  • Think about ways to prove ownership of the item
  • Any third person instructed to pick up the item on your behalf must hold a letter of attorney to verify pick up authorization
  • Please schedule an appointment for pick up

We would like to point out that the found items list can only contain items that have been found and registered. Sometimes items are not found immediately but will eventually be registered by our staff at a later point in time. 

Please contact us by phone or via email if you recognize your item on the found items list. The airport staff will verify your ownership, e.g. by comparing your description of the object’s unique features with the item at hand. 

Statutory period for safekeeping and remuneration of the Lost and Found Office 

In accordance with section 978 of the German Civil Code (BGB), all found items are stored for a period of at least 6 months after the finding date. If nobody claims the item within this time period, the item will be publicly auctioned in accordance with section 979 (BGB). Only serviceable items will be auctioned.

All pick-ups of found items are subject to a service fee of 10 euros. 

Proof of ownership 

Next to your identity card and/or passport, provided that those are not with or in the found item, there are several ways to prove your ownership of an item for pick-up:

  • the corresponding sale contract
  • a detailed description of the item
  • for keys, a duplicate key

Pick-up by a third person with power of attorney

A third person authorized to pick up an item on your behalf must, in addition to the proof of ownership, hold a letter of attorney and their own passport or identity card. A template power of attorney for third persons can be downloaded on the right-hand sidebar.

Pick-up by courier with power of attorney

A courier authorized to pick up an item on your behalf must, in addition to the proof of ownership, hold a letter of attorney and their own passport or identity card. It is essential that the power of attorney is filled out in its entirety, signed and has been provided to the lost and found office in advance.

Finder’s reward

If the person who found the object has asserted their claim to a finder’s reward, then it must be disbursed in addition to the service fee. (Employees of the airport and employees of enterprises contracted by the airport are excluded from these claims.) For items worth up to 500 euros, the finder’s fee amounts to 2.5 % of their worth; 1.5 % of worth for items above 500 euros (section 978 BGB). Found animals are subject to a special regulation: the finder’s reward amounts to 1.5 % in any case.

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